Monday, February 20, 2012

Maplewood Sewing Classes at 1978 Arts Center

We have a new Maplewood location at 1978 Arts Center on Springfield Ave.

Sew Simple
Wednesday or Thursday
ages 7-10 This class is great for the younger sewers. monthly projects include hand sewing machine sewing, pinning and fabric cutting. Kids will learn to sew on a button, trimmings, and appliques while creating a fun project.

Thursday 6-7pm
Sew Much Fun grades 6-8 learn the fundamentals of sewing and take it one step farther to learn the building blocks to textile design

These classes are taught by Crafty Katie a fiber artist and professional sewing instructor.
It's Sew Crafty is a new and exciting way to learn the art and craft of sewing.
These classes are not just for girls- over the years we have had numerous boys and they really enjoy it.
Sewing is an art, as well as a skill. Our crafters go from an idea to a finished project. It's SEW Crafty was designed to teach the art and craft of sewing in a fun and funky way.- This surely is not Grandma's sewing class!!!

Crafty Katie

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