Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Zipper Appliques

In the Teen sewing class we made AWESOME zipper headbands! Some of the kids made square zipper appliques and attached them to their shoes, purses, and even made keychains!

Lean how to make Zipper appliques at It's SEW Crafty!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Kids! Make your Halloween costume with us!

Tuesday's 4:45-6pm at It's SEW Crafty October 5, 12, 19, 26
$25 per costume!!
boys and girls ages 7-12
tell us what you want to be and ..will work with your to design and create your own costume!!!.
or pick from these types of costumes- super hero, princess, knight, king, boy/girl pirate, witch, ghost, .....ect

email for more information
1860 Springfield Ave Maplewood

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Princess Slippers

The first week of class has been so much fun!!! I love meeting all the new kids and hearing about their sewing experiences. I have one 4year old girl who said to me "I've been sewing all my life" haha.... too cute!

This week in the SEW FUNKY class we made "princess slippers"

to make princess slippers you will need shoes,felt, sequins, thread and needle, foam,sewing machine(you can sew it by hand but it takes longer)

trace the shoes onto 2 pieces of felt, and foam then cut out the shapes. try not to mix up the right and left shoes

cut a 3-4 inch long and wide strip of felt for the top of the slipper

pin the shoe shaped felt together

sew around a half of the slipper to make a pocket.

insert the foam

sew closed

hand sew all the sequins onto the 3 inch felt strip

hand sew the felt strip to the front of the slipper

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Camp towel made in Sew Camping workshop

This adorable camp towel was made this summer in the "SEW Camping" workshop.
One side to the towel is tie dye batik, the other is soft terrycloth, and the trim is satin ribbon. The student made a walrus applique out of felt, terrycloth and buttons.
This is really cute!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

More Fall classes added

go to our NEW website for more information and register for classes

Mommy and Me: Simple sewing for new moms and newborns.
It’s SEW Cool: Ages 3 and 4. Simple sewing crafts using felt material.
It’s SEW Crafty : Adults. Crafts for you and home.
It’s Sew Funky: Grade K-2. Simple crafts with a sewing machine.
It’s Sew Tee’s: Grade 3-5. Transforming old T-Shirts into cool new ones.
It’s Sew Recycled : Grade 6-8. Up-cycling old clothes into something new.
It’s Sew Much Fun : Teens. Learn to sew clothes and accessories.
Drop In Sewing : All Ages. Complete unfinished projects or add to finished projects.

It's SEW Crafty provides adorable bright, colorful sewing machines. The machines are simple and easy to use! All materials provided or BYOSM.