Thursday, September 16, 2010

Princess Slippers

The first week of class has been so much fun!!! I love meeting all the new kids and hearing about their sewing experiences. I have one 4year old girl who said to me "I've been sewing all my life" haha.... too cute!

This week in the SEW FUNKY class we made "princess slippers"

to make princess slippers you will need shoes,felt, sequins, thread and needle, foam,sewing machine(you can sew it by hand but it takes longer)

trace the shoes onto 2 pieces of felt, and foam then cut out the shapes. try not to mix up the right and left shoes

cut a 3-4 inch long and wide strip of felt for the top of the slipper

pin the shoe shaped felt together

sew around a half of the slipper to make a pocket.

insert the foam

sew closed

hand sew all the sequins onto the 3 inch felt strip

hand sew the felt strip to the front of the slipper

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